Getting Wacky in Orlando

As some of you may know, my birthday was last weekend. I used this time to force my friends into activities I wouldn’t normally get them to do, because what else do you do on img_6104.jpgyour birthday? 😉 One of these activities included Orlando Wacky Walks. This is something I found while scrolling through Groupon last year and finally decided it was the right time to participate. Wacky Walks is basically a scavenger hunt around whatever city you decide (they are all over) to help you become more familiar with the area and have fun while doing it. Great idea, right? I must say though, you need the right group. This is not a competition so you need people who are still able to have fun without the need to win and are prepared to walk around town for 2-2.5 hours.

We started out with a group of 6, therefore we bought the package with 6-10 players on the actual wacky walks site the Wednesday before game time. While making the purchase you’re able to choose if you want personalized questions and/or photo props to go along with the hunt; both cost extra. We decided to play the game as it was made and leave the photo props behind. After you finish the order they send over a few emails to help get you prepared for the game and introduce you to your event coordinator.

Day of, things came up and we went down to 4 people, but we were still prepared to have a wonderful Saturday afternoon wandering Orlando. We downloaded the IMG_6127app and called our event coordinator to start the hunt. Once we were finally in, we made our journey to the first of 9 locations, aka our “home base”. We happened to start right next to our home base so that took no time at all to find. Before moving on to second next stop a few things had to happen. One, you must play a game to determine who is the King/Queen leading you to the next location (this changes after each stop so everyone has a chance to be the leader). Two, they have special games for each stop. Things such as “answer this question then have your pawns pretend they’re doing xyz” or “have your pawns answer this question and if they get it wrong then have them do xyz and if they get it right then you get 100 points”, etc. There were quite a few “have your pawns pose on a tree/light post/flag pole” rounds which eventually got old. How many times can you do a fun/different pose on a similar object? Maybe we’re not that creative, I don’t know…but we would’ve liked more change with that. After walking all around downtown Orlando for about 2 hours we finally make it back to our “home base” and complete the game.

I would say that Wacky Walks would be a fun game to play when you’re visiting a city or had just moved there. However, I’ve lived here for 3 years and love wandering so I knew where everything was, making that part of the journey not as exciting. The games at each stop spruced up the game for me quite a bit though. It puts you out of your comfort zone, which is something I don’t do as much as I’d like. Would I do this again? No. Do I feel that people should get a fun group together on a day off to go play in The City Beautiful? Absolutely! It’s a one-and-done kind of activity that can be a blast if you have the right mind set 🙂

Now get out there and wander!

(I didn’t want to ruin the game for anybody that may play in the future so I did not give specifics. Have fun!)

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