Bahamas Round 3

As most of my posts are/will be about Orlando adventures, I do occasionally leave the city beautiful to explore more of the world. I’ve been on the Royal Caribbean Bahamas weekend cruise three times now and each time has been a pretty different, yet fantastic experience. For the sake of this becoming so long it’s basically a book, I wanted to tell you about my last trip: Katy’s Booze Cruise Before I Do’s (yes, we took a bachelorette cruise with 12 girls and it was great!) Now where else to start than from day 1?17991567_10212816058661117_564728744301487824_oDay 1 really begins the day before the cruise, but let’s fast forward through the night of “OMG I’ve missed you”s…It’s 9am and it’s finally time to get breakfast and start heading to the port! The drive is a little over an hour from Orlando so we throw on some tunes and drive away; so excited for the weekend celebrating the bride-to-be.  Once we pull up to the parking garage they have us drop off our bags (a new addition from the last cruise I had taken) and then we park and make our way in to wait in lines, which surprisingly weren’t that rough. The first thing we do when we step onto that boat is venture up to deck 11..the deck with the pool, food, and most importantly, drinks! I always recommend the drink package when going on a cruise. If you can find someone to share it with, that’s even better 😉 Although I’d keep it hush-hush from the staff..My car was the first of three to make it so we head on over to the bar, grab all the pool chairs we can find, and take in the energy of the crowd. Eventually the rest of our crew arrives and 18118714_10209599813974697_8827478752022381999_n.jpgwe pull out the photo props, cameras, and begin the weekend long photo shoot! After hours of playing in the sun with the people closest to my heart,we make our way to our rooms to start prepping for the shows/dinner of the night! Night 1 we wandered into the comedy show for about 20 minutes before we had to leave for dinner, which was AMAZING! Dinner is one of my favorite parts about a cruise. Everything is already paid for, the food is unlimited, and you get to mingle with the staff of the ship! What more could you ask for?! After two hours of munching on all the food you could imagine, it’s time to find the evening event! We grabbed some drinks and made our way to the dance floor and got our groove on for quite some time before most of our crew realized we had been up for 14+ hours and were exhausted. Eventually we were down to four and we found the next after party so of course we had to check it out. We’re dancing on the dance floor when we look out and realize….it feels an awful lot like Taken. You know…when Bryan Mills’ (Liam Neeson) daughter was abducted and is dancing in the spotlight in front of a crowd of men bidding on her? Yea, it felt similar. Not that anyone was actually doing that, but you get my point. The dance floor was lit up while the surrounding seating area was dimmed, and there were a decent amount of people just sitting out there watching. It became too creepy so we decided to join them. Makes sense, right? Finally, it’s almost 2am and we realized we have to be up in the morning for our first stop, Nassau. So off to bed we went!


Day 2, we wake up and some of the girls want to go workout (keep in mind it’s like 9am and we went to bed around 3am) so naturally I ignored them and lounged in bed a little longer. Finally I venture out to the other rooms to see who did the same & we made our 18119061_10212842003109712_1140335740733899499_n.jpgway up to the bar..because what else would you do when the drinks are already paid for and you’re on a “party cruise”? Mimosas and breakfast with a view. I couldn’t have asked for more <3. After all the grubbing we do, we grab round 2 and make our way to the top deck to watch the view while heading into Nassau, which I definitely recommend. Nassau on the right, a cute little lighthouse on the left…such an exciting sight! We dock around noon and decide to wait out the line and stay in our spot while admiring the other boats sitting around us (we were next to a Disney boat which was, of course, amazing!). About an hour later we make our way out to Nassau. Some shopping was done in the Straw Market, which can be a little overwhelming at times, and we ended up getting everyone friendship bracelets! Once the shopping is finished, we make our way over to Señor Frogs. This place was packed!! I had never gone during the day while in Nassau because I’ve always done the snorkeling excursion which begins pretty soon after you dock. People were having a great time! There’s a huge line leading to the shot man, the bar had a fun selection, and the dance floor was popping! We knew this was the place for us. A few hours had passed and the bride-to-be decided she wanted to find this free beach near Señor Frogs, Junkanoo Beach, to go hangout on. Once we finally found this beach we spot an area to put our stuff and relaxed for about two seconds before running around. There happened to be a beach bike unused so I grabbed the bride-to-be, found the hut renting it out, and we got on. Turns out we didn’t actually want to go out, the idea was just fun, so we made it out there for about 15 minutes and then handed it over to two others in our crew to finish out the rest of the time. We eventually notice that it’s 17992152_10209599971218628_7038762532417337572_n.jpggetting close to the time we need to go in and start getting ready for dinner night 2, so we grab our stuff, find a Rum Cake store (YUM), then get back to the boat! Luckily night 2’s show before dinner wasn’t something we were too interested in so it gave us more time to get ready for formal night. Of course formal night has the nicest dinner options, and it’s basically expected of you to get one of everything (jk), so after 2 hours of stuffing our faces with delicious food it’s time to go out and get started with the bachelorette games!! The game of the night was a scavenger hunt/dare game and it was hilarious! From kissing bald heads, getting piggy back rides, to asking randoms for condoms, we were sure to be getting weird looks all night. Once the game was over we happened upon the pool deck party and it was lively! The boat had left the dock so it’s rocking, people are drinking and on the dance floor, ; it was entertaining to say the least. After another 2-3am night, we find our beds and pass out! ZZZ…


Day 3, aka the final day, was the rainy day in CocoCay. Getting off the boat wasn’t the most desirable option, but seven of us decided to give it a go. I hate the cold (which is why I live in FL), so I almost immediately regretted it. In fact, I tried to leave several times but somehow kept distracting myself long enough to stay until the end. We started at the beach; the windy, rainy beach. I threw my towel on, sat for a moment, then gave up and decided “I was going to leave”. A few of the crew wanted to go shopping so I joined them before I left. Once the shopping was about over the rest of the crew met up and talked me into staying for the Nature Trail. The trail was SO MUCH FUN! And then it started to rain…a lot..but it was an adventure, right? Our goal was to make it to the lookout tower, which from the bottom looked like nothing, but once you walk up those stairs, the view is incredible! You can see the entire island, as well as the boat docked out in the water. Once we were done taking it all in, we power walk back to the main area of the island, eat what’s left of the BBQ lunch, and head back to the boat. After a weekend of staying up late, waking up early, and the constant drinks in our hands, a nap was in order. Luckily everyone agreed. After the nap we do our nightly routine of dinner & an activity. The17992171_10212842196834555_4730140776775712694_n.jpg final night had adult comedy after dinner, which we couldn’t resist. It was hilarious!! And put us in a great mood for the next activity to run off to, The Quest game show. If you’ve never played Quest, it’s pretty inappropriate. Or at least it is here. They ask for bras, women’s shirts, men to dress in women clothing, etc. It keeps you on your toes and you never stop laughing. Especially if you’re in the front participating, which I recommend. The last cruise I went on I stayed in the back observing and it wasn’t nearly as entertaining. Once the game was over the room turned into a “Farewell Party”. Oh, btw…this was in the Taken room. We stay for a while, get our groove on (luckily more people were joining this time), and then make our way to the casino to end our night.

The next morning we wake up at 7am, grab our luggage and head to the long line to get off the boat, which was surprisingly longer than the customs line. This was hands down the worst part about the cruise. It was 7am, there was no more fun to be had, and we just got to wait in lines until we got to our cars. Tragic…

All in all the experience was incredible. If you’re looking for a cheap vacation, I highly recommend this/a cruise. The activities, excursions offered, and the people are just intoxicating in the best ways! There is literally no way to be bored..and I’m easily bored (also easily entertained). I mean I’ve done this three times so it must be good, right? 😉




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