Wander This Week: 1/16-1/22

Good morning! The sun says, HELLO! 🙂 I decided that while I waited for my boyfriend to pack (he’s moving to San Fran this week) that I would get a head start on what’s going on 2f86f9ebe2acc2814a461b7db52533b6the upcoming week. It’s Sunday, I’m sitting outside while my dog roams, and it’s absolutely beautiful out. Meanwhile, back home in MO there’s an ice storm! It’s days like these (and pretty much all winter) that I couldn’t be happier that I made the move to Florida. Yes, our summers may be brutal and our lands pretty darn flat, but it could always be worse. I’ve been here almost 3 years and I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m an hour from the beach! Not that I take enough advantage of that. I absolutely thought I’d basically be living at the beach once I made this move..One day!..For now I’ll enjoy what Orlando gives me every single day. Adventure. It’s January, currently 77 degrees out, and it’s time to go explore. Here’s what we have…

Monday, January 16th:
1pm : Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Presents Circus XTREME

Tuesday, January 17th:
6:30pm-10pm : Tasty Tuesday
8pm : Wicked

Wednesday, January 18th:
5pm-9pm : Unwine’d Wednesday @ Kasa
5pm – 9pm : Wine Down Wednesday  @ Ember
6pm – 9pm : Drink Around the Hood – Final Edition
8pm : Wicked

Thursday, January 19th:
8pm : Wicked

Friday, January 20th:
7pm : Orlando Magic vs. Milwaukee Bucks 
8pm : Wicked

Saturday, January 21st:
9am : The 5K Zombie Run
12:30pm : The 5K Color Blast
2pm : Wicked
7pm : Monster Jam
7pm : Solar Bears vs. Florida Everblades
8pm : Wicked

Sunday, January 22nd:
10am – 4pm : Orlando Farmers Market
11am : Yoga @ Lake Eola
12pm : Orlando Magic vs. Golden State Warriors
1pm : Wicked
6:30pm : Wicked

Until next time; keep wandering…

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