Becoming a Better YOU

I believe I mentioned before that I’m not the most fit person out there. I’m lucky enough to have a high metabolism, but if I had to test my endurance or health, I wouldn’t be at the top of the charts. Because of that I’ve been looking for a change in my life, and I know some people who recommended great places for me to try out and I’m eager to share them with you. My three favorite gyms I have tried are all very different. Elevate Yoga Center is a yoga studio, Rhythm X is a dance studio, and Orange Theory is a personal fitness gym. I wish I had the motivation to make the time to go to all gyms because they really all do bring something amazing to the table.

The first gym I tried out (other than the typical LA Fitness) was Elevate Yoga Center in Feb 2016. I had been taking yoga classes at LA Fitness and decided I wanted to try out a real yoga studio. After doing research on several 12644770_10208617950911047_9191149846399239432_nstudios, this one had a great deal so I figured why not try it out and see how I like it. During this time it was around my best friend’s birthday, so I bought us both 5 air & earth class passes so we could try it out together. First class we tried was Aerial Silks and it was the most fun I had ever had in a gym (<<see picture)! They have 3 different areas, one for the more experienced, one for people who have been before, and one for the basics. Of course we stuck to the basics the entire class, but that didn’t mean she didn’t teach us cool skills. Also, the more you go the more comfortable you feel moving up.  Once that class was over we couldn’t wait to sign up for our next round and get back there! I’m into earth yoga as well and knew this was something I could see myself doing for a while so I decided not to limit myself to Aerial Silks, although it’s not a bad place to end up, but to try out several other classes as well. I like to challenge myself so the more relaxing yoga classes weren’t for me, and I knew that so I stuck with the classes that had more flow versus sticking to poses for a lengthened amount of time. However, I have found that my favorite “fitness” class they provide is Aerial Power Fit, which better prepares you for Aerial Silks. If you’re looking for a yoga studio that has several options for different fitness levels I would recommend this place. Especially since they have such a great first timers deal ;).

I have a good friend who recommended Rhythm X to me and I can’t wait to go back. They have an excellent trial system where you get 3 free classes to try out their different options and then from there if you continue to attend their programs they have a very fair pricing zumba-fitness-workout-full-video-zumba-d.jpgsystem based on how often you believe you will attend. When I used my three classes I only went to Latin Hip Hop with ZJ Rony, but it was a blast! I used to dance so putting myself back in that atmosphere was something I had been longing to do for quite some time. Beginning the class it was a little intimidating because he just starts to dance and you have to follow his moves. Soon after, you pick it right up and you start to have fun with your style, which is what I loved about it! There’s a stage so you never have to worry about being able to see the teacher (or the students he pulls up on stage). No fear, he doesn’t pull up people that haven’t been going long enough to know the dance without him. There are specific routines to each song he presents to the class so after a while you know what to expect, while still having fun with a great crowd of people that are happy to be there. Not only is this enjoyable, but it’s definitely a workout too. These classes are an hour long and you do not stop dancing for the entirety of the class. The amount of sweat that comes off your body is ridiculous. I almost needed to stop a few times, but having so much fun I didn’t let myself until the quick break between songs to run off and get some water. If you love to dance and would like to incorporate it into your workout, this place is definitely for you!

Orange Theory Fitness is the gym I tried most recently, and I must say, it was the most challenging for me. I’ve always struggled going to gyms because I never really know what to do, so I 520a9d5e70044-image_end up running on the treadmill for a bit, maybe doing some crunches then leave. This gym has professional trainers there to help guide you through your workout journey to get the results you’re looking for. From the moment I walked in I felt right at home. Everyone was so welcoming and I couldn’t wait to get in and meet the trainer. Your first class is free, however you do need to call in advance and they ask that you show up 30 minutes prior to class so they can talk you through everything. Trust me, you’ll need it. Once you fill out your paperwork, they take you in to meet the trainer for the class you’ll be attending and he/she will walk you through what they do in class. They have treadmills, rowers, and a weight section where you will rotate throughout the night. Two of my friends attended the class with me and one has been going for a while so she recommended that we begin on the treadmills, and I was so happy I listened. It’s a very tough class and I’m not sure I would’ve made it ending where we began. Not only is there a personal trainer with you for every class (typically 1 hour in duration btw), but they also have bracelets that you purchase for $99 img_6176.jpgor chest straps for $69 if you choose to continue with them by getting a membership. These bracelets measure your heart rate so you know where you’re at throughout the entire class. The screen you’d be checking yourself looks like this >> and they explain what everything means before you begin the class. The only downside is their packages are a little pricey (see below picture for pricing at Dr. Phillips location; not sure if it changes based on location, but it’s doubtful), but that may just be me because I’m pretty cheap when it comes to spending money on myself. However, because I go to yoga twice a week, I decided to continue with Orange Theory once a week as well with the 4 class pass to see how that goes. Although I definitely see myself upping it as some point soon after I really begin. If you’re lacking self motivation in a gym and are looking for real results, I highly recommend this gym. The trainers push you to do your true best, and you don’t have to come up with the fitness schedule! It’s like a family and they want to see you succeed. Incredible facility 🙂







Trying to become an “adult” and treat your body right can be very challenging; I know this from personal experience. I’m so glad that I was able to find studios that make working out not only effective, but also a good time! If you haven’t been to any of these gyms yet, I suggest you try all of them! Or at least one.. Two of the three have free trial classes so what do you have to lose? “Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.” Be that better you!

Until next time; keep wandering….



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