Orlando Farmers Market

The Lake Eola Farmers Market is one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday. This event is14947894_10211077647441923_4982128305644048096_n.jpg free to attend and lasts from 10am-4pm every Sunday and if you’re walking around Lake Eola, you’ll run right into it. Here they sell anything from food to munch on to flowers to put in your home, all while listening to live music.

This is a pet friendly event so expect to see a ton of fur babies walking around with their owners while searching for the next hand to scratch their heads! Some vendors put out water bowls for pets so if you forgot yours, no worries! Just find a vendor that hooked you up 🙂

During this event there is also a yoga class that takes place at 11am in the big grassy area (across the street from Panera) to the side of Lake Eola. It is $5 (cash only) to participate, and is open to the public! Once you pay you will get a stamp on your hand so if you’re paying for multiple people make sure they’re with you to receive their stamp as well. Be sure to bring your mat, water, and athletic wear and become a yogi for the next hour! Yoga-in-Lake-Eola-Park.jpg

Want to go to these events but not sure where to park? Never fear! There is free parking all along the side of Lake Eola and surrounding streets, however, it is of course first come first serve, and those spots can be hard to find once it becomes prime time. You will also find paid parking options in the parking garage on Central & Eola and a lot on the corner of Robinson & Eola.

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