Event Calendar Excitement

Guess what finally came out last weekend in theaters!? Blair Witch! So last night I tried to focus while watching The Blair Witch Project with my roommate, 1999 edition. It didn’t go over well…

Anyways, I love events. I love doing different things in different areas, learning about what’s in my city; all of it. I am very excited to announce that I have officially added an event calendar and it is filled with all mekinds of great things to do in Orlando! (<<that’s me saying something clever about having two thumbs & being excited) Yes, I mentioned activities happening in my last blog Make It A September To Remember, however, I learn about something new every single day! Which is awesome that there’s that much going on and that means I’ll be updating every chance I get! Because there are a lot of events, I added categories to make it easier to search. By far the most broad category I have is “Activities”. This could be a movie night in the park, a block party, or even something that happens every week. “Food” is fairly simple and currently only has one event – Food Truck Fridays at the Dr. Phillips Center. Never fear! Orlando definitely offers more options involving food. In fact, tonight they have Tasty Tuesday in the Milk District from 6:30-img_4556-110pm. This is in the back lot of 2424-2432 and is filled with several local food trucks to choose from and some bars to go in, take a seat, and have a few drinks with friends. Today’s food truck options are Bem Bom Food, Curbie’s Sidewalk Cafe, El Cactus Azul,KBBQ Box – Korean BBQ Taco Box, Kona Dog, La Empanada Food Truck,Leguminati, Little Blue Donut Co., Louie’s Bistro, OverRice FoodTruck,Tamale Co. Food Truck, Tubby’s Ice Cream and Willy Ts Crab Shack. “Performances” would be something involving a stage. A concert, theatrical show, comedy, things like that. There are several venues around The City Beautiful so these happen often. “Sports” hockey_things_to_do_orlandocurrently just has foot races going on around Orlando, but I will be filling it with Orlando Magic games, Solar Bear games, and Predator games very shortly! Finally, “Theme Parks”. Pretty self explanatory. Anything that would involve any of the Disneyworld parks, Universal, or Seaworld will be on this calendar. Be sure to go and check it out, whether you’re  a local or just visiting!

The events that I’m adding to the calendar aren’t things that happen everyday at the places that always offer a great time. I will eventually share what I know about those awesome places in Orlando, but until then we have event madness!

Not only do I have this blog to inform the natives and krispie-kreme-pirate-dayvisitors of Orlando, but I also have an Instagram account where I post about different things I’m doing (be prepared for a lot of Disney), food deals, and events I hear about last minute! “Fake” holidays, as my coworkers call them *rolls eyes*, are my favorite! Yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day and Krispy Kreme gave away a box of a dozen doughnuts for FREE for talking/dressing/snapchatting like a pirate – and if you already follow me, you knew just in time to head over and get your treat! It was pretty fantastic!

If you enjoy getting out there and experiencing all that goes on in The City Beautiful, check out my calendar and be sure to follow my Insta and you will always have several options to choose from. I hope this is as exciting for you as it is for me! I can’t wait to #WanderOrlando with you…

Until next time; keep wandering!

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