Orlando Magical Dining – Shark Edition

Welcome to my first blog post! And it’s about two of my favorite things: food & theme parks!

If you haven’t heard of the Orlando Magical Dining month then you are missing out and I feel the need to fill you in immediately! Once a year, for a little over a month, there are restaurants that participate in this dining experience. It is $33 a person which includes a delicious pre-set menu with an appetizer, entree, and a dessert. Not only do you get great food at a wonderful restaurant, but the restaurant you choose donates $1 towards The Russell Home for atypical children, which is awesome!

This year the dates for Orlando Magical Dining month began on August 29th and will go until October 2nd, so we still have a few weeks left!

Now, I know looking at the list of participating restaurants can be a bit overwhelming. Honestly, my eyes only caught the places I was familiar with because of this. Luckily I have an awesome best friend who shared this information with me and I feel the need to do the same!


My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to share our first Orlando Magical Dining month experience at Seaworld’s – Shark Underwater Grill and it was awesome! The food was great and the view was exciting, but the after dinner perk was what really sold it for us! First off, you do not need a Seaworld ticket to enjoy this option and ticket or not, they allow you to stay in the park after you have finished dining with them! Unfortunately, when we went there was some poor weather so most of the rides were shut down, but we were still able to pet the stingrays, watch the dolphins swim around, and listen to the sea lions yell! However, I would suggest doing your research before you book a reservation if this is the main reason you chose this location.

To book with the Shark Underwater Grill you have to call between 3-5pm and the earlier you get in the better if you’re trying to enjoy the park afterwards (the park closes pretty early). Once you get to Seaworld let the parking attendant know that you are there for the dinner; they might let you park for free! If not, that’s $20 as well. Once you are parked and walking up do not stand in the ticket line! Go to the left of ‘C’ where the exit is and that is where you will find the employee to check in. There also happens to be a sign, we just happened to miss it… You will most likely have to wait for an escort, but that shouldn’t take too long, and then you’re off! Of course, if you’re already a day pass/annual pass holder just proceed as you normally would and head over to Shark Underwater Grill whenever you’re ready.

There are so many options on the Orlando Magical Dining list and I’m certain I would love pretty much all of them, but I must say my first experience at the Shark Underwater Grill was a great start! Whether you head to Shark Underwater Grill or choose another location, I hope you have a wonderful night out eating yummy food while contributing to a great cause!

Until next time; keep wandering!



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